Process to change name in the bank account

Everyone keeps a bank account at somebody’s bank, but occasionally there is a problem in the transaction due to turmoil or error in the name or address. If there is such a mistake, it can be easily solved. If there is a mistake in the name or address here, the easy process has been shown to change it.

Below is the process to change Address in Bank Account:

  • If you have changed the building address change also has to be done in the bank. For this, you have to give an application with the new building’s lightbulb, tax bill copy and give it to the bank. Your address will change within 3 to 4 days of applying.
  • Many banks also offer online service for address change. Using which customers can change addresses without going to the bank.

Below is the process to change Name in Bank Account:

  • If you have a mistake in your name or have made any changes to it, then you must have affixed to the notary. You can then make necessary changes by updating the bank authority.
  • After that, you have to advertise the name change in at least two local newspapers.
  • You can change the name by gazette notification.
  • After making some copy of the Gazette notification, you can report the changes made to the name by writing a letter to the bank. May I make a change in name by giving a copy of the affidavit, newspaper publication and gazette notification to the bank.
  • Some banks do not approve affidavits and they only approve the gazette notification for this.
  • Normally after marriage, the husband’s name and surname are added to the woman’s name. For which a marriage certificate is required. The name can also be changed by giving the copy of the marriage certificate in the bank.

In addition to this, if you do not want to fall into an above-mentioned process, you can open a new bank account by closing the old name or incorrect name bank account.