Here are the diamonds mine, normal man can find diamond and become milliner

In America, there is a farm called diamond mine. Here the common man can also find diamonds. Two years ago, a woman found 8.52-carat diamond within 20 minutes. The person who gets the hero here becomes the owner of diamonds.

In August 1906, John Huddleston found two shining crystals on his farm. He examined the crystal and found out that it was a precious diamond. After that, he sold his 243 acres of land to a diamond company at a higher price. However, in 1972, this land came into the national park. So the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism bought it from a Diamond Company.

Since then 31,000 diamonds have been found here

Since 1906, efforts have been made to make this land commercially a diamond manufacturing sector, but no one has been successful. Now this place has been opened to the general public. Thousands of diamonds have been found in this field since then. Since 1972, 31,000 diamonds have been found here. The 40-carat ‘Uncle Sam’ has also been found here, the biggest hero is ever seen in America. So here’s a very small size diamond. However, if a hero of four or five carats is found, then it costs thousands of dollars. Here a large number of people look for diamonds.