Error found in WhatsApp's 'Delete Four Everywhere' feature

Whatsapp constantly keeps changing its features. Whatsapp gave the facility to delete the message in the name of ‘Delete Four Everywhere’ a while ago.¬†According to the new features of Whatsapp, users can delete a message sent on the Whatsapp app after 7 minutes. However, is it really that, yes, a drawback has been revealed about this.

This fault is for both Individual and Group. According to testing, any message in the Whatsapp app can be deleted at any time within 7 days, not 7 minutes.

Mobile data will be used for it

For this, first of all, turn-off WiFi and then turn on the available mobile data in your phone. Go to Settings on your smartphone and click on Whatsapp. In the settings, the Whatsapp app will see the option to stop. Stop the Force by selecting this option.

After stopping, after going to the phone’s date and time settings, you select the day you want to delete the message sent to anyone. Now go back to Settings in the Whatsapp app and tap a long message on that message and then select the option for delete for everyone. In this way, your message will be deleted anytime within 7 days.