WhatsApp has once again released 2 new update


For the past 6 months, this popular messaging app is fast upgrading its features. WattsUp is now taking another unique feature for its users.

In the new update, the company has removed a button which is most needed. WhatsApp has removed the message forwarding button on the beta version, which means that you will not be able to forward the message to the message after the new update.

Yes, for this the company has added 4 new options through 3 dots, in which forward, message, voice call, and video call option will be available, i.e. now you have to go to the menu to forward the message.

One another new feature has been prepared for group chat users and it is named as ‘Group Description’. With this feature, users can write a description up to 500 characters for members of a group. Writing the record for the group will not be limited to the admin only, but any member can write it.

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