How to find vehicle owner detail

When you are buying a used vehicle, the app will help you to find our current owner of the vehicle and how old the vehicle is. This app will provide vehicle registration details like owner name, fuel type, registration date, and much more like chassis number and engine number.


This application will help a traveller or passenger in many ways and even in the case of police investigation of an accident or vehicle-related crime, witnesses usually remember the initial area code letters it is then quite simple to narrow down suspect vehicles to a much smaller number by checking the app without having to know the full number.

Verify your vehicle registration details. If owner details are not accurate then change it immediately with Vahan RTO India.

Benefits of using RTO Vehicle info app

  • If a car is parked in your parking area, get whos car it is.
  • Someone dangerously drives through your locality, get his details in a second.
  • Find ownership of a vehicle.
  • People buying second-hand vehicles can know who was the original owner.
  • Stray and suspicious car lying close to your home/office or building.
  • Secondhand Vahan buyers can confirm whether the ownership is transferred to their name.

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