How did the picture of Gandhiji come on currency notes? This is secret


Do you know why the image of Mahatma Gandhi is printed on the note, and where did that picture come from? This image of Gandhiji printed in the note is a historical and a promising trademark of Hindustan. However, this is not a portrait, but there is an original image of Gandhiji. This image was taken at that time, when Gandhi visited the Kolkata-based Viceroy House along with Frederick Pethick Lawrence, acting as the then British Burma and India’s British Secretary. This image was marked on Gandhi’s face as a portrait of Indian currency.

The printing of Mahatma Gandhi on Indian currency started in 1996. The RBI has decided that the photograph of Ashoka pillar has been printed on the left side of the picture of Mahatma Gandhi on the Father of the Nation, and the left side of the note at the Ashoka pillar. However, earlier this photo of Mahatma Gandhi was used in the year 1987 as a watermark.