The girl will get 4 million, the money from the government scheme

Since PM Modi came to power, he has started many schemes. There are some schemes in which the common man can easily benefit from it. There is a scheme from which the daughter can get up to 40 lakhs after depositing money. One person can open this account in the name of their maximum of 3 girls. If anyone has three girls and all those names are invested by opening different discrepancies, then a fund can be made up to Rs 1.2 crore. And the highest interest is available in this scheme. This scheme will be completely safe for your money due to Central Government. He can be taken from the bank to the post office. Apart from this, money can be found in section 80C under Income Tax.


Read below, about the scheme and the interest:

  • Sukanya Samgun Yojana is getting 8.3 percent interest

In this scheme, the interest is calculated based on half yearly basis, due to which the real returns are slightly increased. Currently, Sukanya Samudhadi Yojana is getting the best interest. This scheme is currently getting 8.3 percent interest.

  • Account maturity rule

This account can be closed for girl’s wedding for 18 years. If this is not done, then at the age of 21, the girl becomes maturity herself.

  • Below is the benefit math

One of the conditions of this account is that it can be invested up to 14 years. Anyone can open this account in the name of their 10-year-old girl. In this case, if someone opens this account in the name of one year’s girl, then the girl can invest only until the age of 15. In the case of 15 years to 21 years, interest can be made without any investment in this account. In this case, a maximum of 1.5 lakh rupees can be deposited in one year. For 14 years, 1.5 lakh (12500 rupees) will be invested in 15 years, 40 lakh rupees. If the latter does not get 40 lakhs, then it will be 64.8 lakh rupees in 21 years.


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