Know why the white and yellow lines on the road

Do you know that the yellow and white line on the road, it indicates something? Each line has its own meaning.

In today’s series, we are going to tell about the lines. On the road, there are lines like Broken White Line, Solid White Line, Double Yellow Lines. All of these have their meanings.

Double Yellow Line


You can not cross the line where the double yellow lines are made between the road. This two-way road is on the road forever. This rule has been made to avoid accidents due to the vehicle coming from the Opposite Direction.

Broken White Line

You would have seen the road crossing the Broken Green line. There is a white line between the road at a few moments. This line indicates that you can change the lane. You can take overtake and you-turn even if you are not facing any danger.

Solid White Line

Where a solid white line is made an upright white strip, this indicates that you can not overtake nor take a turn-off.