Your opinion or complaint should be given to PM of India in 5 minutes

If you have any ideas or complaints, you can convey any matter to the Prime Minister of India within minutes.

Below are the steps to talk with PM of India

Steps 1:

For that, you must first go to
Select the language you want to use here and go here.
There is also an option of languages like Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Gujarati and Kannada. The language that you choose will convert the entire language into that language.

Steps 2: 

– Later you scroll down to the site. Here you will see an association with the heading ‘Interact with PM’.
– There are two options in it. One will have to “Share your ideas, insights, and thoughts and write the other Prime Minister”.
– Choose appropriate option for PM of India.

Complaint status will also know

If you have made a complaint then what action has it taken or what is the status of the present. That information will also get you online After complaining you will get a registration number. This number will be sent by the PMO on your mobile phone. By this number, you can check the status of the complaint. Today we are telling you how to send a complaint or a suggestion to the Prime Minister.