Now if the phone is lost, do not panic, clap or whistle

Based on the great rating and user review on Google PlayStore, we are recommending you about these apps. Whistle Phone Finder and Clap phone finder are the application available on Google PlayStore. Using these you can whistle or clap your phone and find the lost phone.

Clap phone finder
– It detects sounds of clapping hands
– It runs the alarm. You can choose the alarm sound and volume. You can choose if the phone has to vibrate, turns on a flashlight or blinks through the screen. The alarm is fully customizable.

Whistle phone finder
If you have lost a phone in your room, bag, car or desk and you couldn’t find it; this app is for you. Whistle phone finder detects sounds similar to whistling and informs you about the location of your phone. You only have to whistle and your phone will start vibrating, emitting a sound. This way you can locate your lost phone!

Whistle phone finder features:

• All New Eye catchy Graphic User Interface
• Additional flashlight feature with the new update
• Hide notification from notification bar
• Move your app from phone to SD