You can earn Rs 1 lakh by providing space for a mobile tower, this is process

You can make a lot of money by leasing your property to the telecom and tower installation company. Reliance Jio Towers, Airtel, Vodafone, BSNL, you can rent your property for several companies towers.

At this time, Reliance Jio Towers is taking a large number of participants. In the meantime, you have a good time to provide space for a mobile tower.

Keep these things in mind before installation

First of all, I want to put some light on ongoing mobile tower installation fraud in India where fraudster finds vulnerable victims and lure them in the name of high rental for tower installation on victim’s property. Fraudster asks victims to pay some advance money for tower installation and promise victim with high rental income, advance money at the time of installation, job, vehicle, long-term agreement, etc. I urge you to please do not respond to such phone calls, emails, SMS, etc where they want you to pay some advance money for tower installation in India.

Before you ask for a tower, do the following checks:

  1. Is my building property blocked by other buildings or trees, or would the antennas have a clear line of site? Most trees are about 50-70 high and the antennas need to see over them.
  2. Assess if your site is a good site from a coverage perspective. Is the nearest cell tower a minimum of 1-mile away (not including rooftop sites)?
  3. Is your property in a flood zone, wetlands, preserved farmland, state land, historical preservation, contaminated site, endangered animal habitat, FAA flight path or other classification? Then it’s probably going to be rejected.
  4. Commercial, Industrial and Retail and Agricultural zoned parcels are favorable to residential zoned properties unless no other choices exist.
  5. Look around. Is your property at a higher or lower elevation than the surrounding areas. Most RF Engineers prefer the higher sites for selection.
  6. Do your rooftop and basement have a combined available 2,000 square feet of available space for storing equipment?
  7. Does your property have at least 2,000 square feet of available ground space for a tower and equipment cabinets?
  8. Perhaps you own a factory with a smokestack or a farm with a tall grain silo that is high enough, or you are a municipality with a water tower? These also make good sites.
  9. Find out the building height (AGL = Above Ground Level) of your roof. Figure out the height of your rooftop. Rooftops that are 30 to 75 high or about 3 floor to 7 floors that have flat rooftops are usually the best.

Mobile Tower Installation Request

Companies like towers like Indus Towers, Indian Infratel, American Towers You can approach it straightaway. You can also approach telecom companies such as Reliance Infratel and BSNL. It sets itself towers.

The list of those companies on the Indian Government site is unavailable. This is the official website of the company where the landowner can share with his property portal company. The company will see if your property radius is appropriate based on frequency evaluation. If the plot seems right, then the company MoU sign.