Is Your Smartphone Original Or Duplicate? Know from this easy trick

Nowadays most people have smartphones. Many people also purchase second-hand smartphones. But these smartphones are original or duplicate. Many people do not know it. So here we are going to tell you a trick through which you can find out whether the smartphone you have or the smartphone you are buying is real or not.

You will need an IMEI number for this. This number must be used on a website. Here some information related to your phone will appear. Based on this information, you can know whether your smartphone is real or fake.

Below are the steps to know your smartphone is original or duplicate:

Step 1: First of all dial *#06# in your smartphone.

Step 2: When you dial *#06# after that IMEI number will show. If you have dual sim smartphone then it will show two IMEI number. Below is the sample screen short for IMEI number.

Step 3: Now open website and enter IMEI number on the search box and click on Check button. After that, it will show all details about your smartphone, verify all details carefully. If all the details are right then your smartphone is original otherwise it will be duplicate.

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