This app will send you all the call details of any phone

There was an application on Google Play Store for a long time, using which you could record all the calls from any phone. However, Google has recently removed this application from the store at risk sampling of privacy against privacy. This app called Hidden Call Recorder is a hidden app as per its name. You need to install the Hidden Call Recorder application on the phone of the person whose phone you want to record. After installing, this app is hidden so that the person who does not even know about it will not be able to know it. Currently, this app’s APK file is searched by Google, you can install it by installing the application.

After the installation is started recording.

– This app starts to call recording when installing on a smartphone.
That means all the calls that come on the phone will be recorded and you will get the details of them.
– This recording takes place in MP4 format, which means that audio quality is very good.
– The information is received from the number of calls that are coming from and it is incoming or outgoing.
– The user will have to write his email id while installing the app.
– The call details will be mailed to this email id.

Many works are done by the app

– With the help of an apple, the user can operate and operate a smartphone by sitting away.
– Smartphone data and WiFi can be turned on-off.
– The phone can also be unlocked from the app. Not only that, a phone can be sanded by connecting it to WiFi.

Hidden Call Recorder’s Dates

– The size of the app size is only 5 MB. This means that there is no need for more space to install it.
– This app has been downloaded more than 10 million times. The app has developed MRecorder.
– Its free version is valid for 7 days, while its paid version comes in at Rs. 120.

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